EmpowerChain validator

fa2k.net are running a validator for EmpowerChain (https://www.empowerchain.io/). Helping make sure the plastic waste goes where it should – back into new products.

Validator name: FasGreenLife

We take validation seriously and are invested in the future of EmpowerChain!

💸Consider delegating to FasGreenLife for low commission and concientious operation. We are not a professional business, so do keep an eye on the status.💸

Operations: see below

Validator information

Commission rate: 5 %

Address: empowervaloper1yux88ff7fx4a2mftakyace5vt5m4kdgqzaudcp

Exploreme validator details: https://empowerchain.exploreme.pro/validator/empowervaloper1yux88ff7fx4a2mftakyace5vt5m4kdgqzaudcp

Location: Oslo, Norway

Contact email: greenlife-admin@fa2k.net

🖥️Technical details

Hardware: Xeon E5-2697 v2. VM resources: 16 GB RAM / 8 cores. ZFS storage with hybrid HDD/SSD.

Software: KVM virtual Machine, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, EmpowerChain 1.0.

Connection: Residential 750/20 Mbit.

☁️Climate impact

Because it’s running on quite old hardware, empowerd has increased the home power usage noticeably. On the other hand, reusing this hardware saves on manufacturing emissions.

The total home power usage is shown here in similar conditions (mainly the server and network equipment running). It seems to have increased by about 50 W, and become more variable, but a quantitative analysis has not been performed:

Figure: Total home power usage in Watts.

The electrical generation in Norway is primarily from hydro power (see for example https://www.iea.org/countries/norway). All the power used for FasGreenLife is certified renewable.

The waste heat of FasGreenLife contributes to home heating during about two thirds of the year when heaating is needed. The net impact of the added energy use is then zero, as the alternative is (unfortunately) resistive heating.

Related projects for node operation

Here is a custom node monitoring script we use to get an alert when the node is down: https://github.com/fa2k/cosmos-node-monitor/

Dockerfile to run empowerd in docker:

Ops log

2023-09-27: Server reboot due to maintenance of other workloads.

2023-09-13: Downtime of 1-2 hours due to maintenance at the ISP.


If you have staked with FGL and would like to receive emails if we have trouble or are shutting down, you may leave a comment below. Include your MPWR address used for staking and your email address. We will send a confirmation that you will receive emails. The comment will not be publicly visible.

If you don’t want to leave your email, you can watch this website, or access the EmpowerChain Discord. We will notify the discord if we shutdown. https://discord.com/invite/DNB4z8EZDx.

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